A day in the life of an intern at Interel

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Hi! I'm Clementine, I'm 22 years old and, to finish my master's degree in Public Relations in style, I'm doing a three-month internship at Interel Belgium. If you are looking for an internship and wondering what working for a well-known consulting agency looks like or if you are simply curious to learn more about it, you are at the right place. Through this article, put yourself in my shoes for a moment and discover the backstage!

A day of internship

Monday, 7:45 am: the alarm clock rings. With remote work, there's less of a rush in the morning and I can enjoy half an hour of more sleep. Happiness.

8:30 am, I sit down at my desk to start my day. After checking my mailbox and my tasks for the day, I log on to Teams and take part in the biweekly staff meeting. The whole team is gathered. I've never seen most of them in real life, but it's like we know each other well. We discuss and talk about the status of our current tasks and we call on colleagues for support or advice. This day, we also took a picture of us during the Teams call to post on our social media. The call lasts about an hour and then everyone goes back to work. I post the photo on Interel Belgium’s Twitter & LinkedIn, with a nice message.

Then, I finish some background research about the federal government positioning in medical care I started the day before. I am studying public relations, but at Interel I also have the opportunity to develop knowledge in the world of public affairs: stakeholders’ profiles, political research, political monitoring, stakeholder mapping... It's very interesting to be able to open up to this field. It also adds another string to my bow.

12 pm: it's almost lunch time. I monitor conversations and perceptions of the day on social media for one of our clients. During my internship, I realized the importance of monitoring the conversation about your company and your industry, for many different reasons that will improve your communications. By doing it every day, I especially understood the importance of the monitoring on social networks. Indeed, the media are no longer the only voice of the public and opinion leaders can now be anyone. So, as an agency, we do this media and social media monitoring for our clients and send them everything that is said about them or their sector. They must know everything.

2 pm: it is time for our team meeting about Interel Belgium's communication strategy. This is the part of my job in which I’m the most involved in public relations and I love it. Part of the job is to regularly update our blog and social networks. On this day, we had to research a future expert contributor and prepare some questions for her interview.

Already 5pm. Once again, time flies. I monitor again the conversation on social networks to capture all the interesting information. After that, I close my computer and finish my day.

Experience feedback

Here, work and trust go hand in hand. We have no other option than to work at home, so the team doesn't see me working, but trusts me on each task entrusted. A human-sized company, where everyone is caring and tries to integrate the trainees as well as possible in a period where we can only virtually meet. I learned to organize myself efficiently, to develop my sense of responsibility, seriousness and teamwork at a distance. I also really understood the importance of mastering English, Dutch and French. Thank you to Interel Belgium for trusting me and for considering me as a full member of the team. An experience and a steppingstone that I will proudly display on my resume and on my LinkedIn profile!

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