Interel training modules: take your public affairs and communication skills to a higher level!

Whether you are a professional or a newbie, the training modules provided by Interel Belgium are guaranteed to enhance your knowledge and to learn the best practices.

Our portfolio spring-summer 2021 covers the 3 following topics:


Belgium is a politically complex country with many stakeholders in policy making and legislation. With his extensive experience in policy and politics, our expert Karel Joos clarifies the Belgian political scene.

The module on healthcare is a guided tour across the specific ecosystem of healthcare policy in Belgium.


Organizations prosper when they know how to tango with the media. A dance that can be both exciting and tricky.

Our wide range of communications and media trainings will allow you to enhance your knowledge about the current media landscapes & trends, learn how to spread your message in times of crisis, be prepared in case of media interviews or understand how politicians interact with the public opinion.

Are you considering to make your company’s vision a story to remember? Then the workshop on storytelling is for you.


The world of media, politics and corporations is connected through lobbying. Discover which are the best skills and techniques to have insight, influence and impact when interacting with policy makers.

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Interel Belgium Public Affairs and Commu
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